Public Service Telephone Company


Call 611

To report inside wiring problems, noise on the line, tree limbs on drop wires or cables, etc, call 611 from any Public Service area. Your call will be answered by a 24-hour repair service operator. Normal repairs will be made between 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM Monday through Saturday and on Holidays. Use 611 for all exchanges.

Locating the problem

Is the trouble with your telephone set or a local network? Try our easy steps Repair Chart. Modular phones are easy to check. If you have more than one modular telephone, unplug the one from which you notice the problem. Plug another phone into the same outlet to see if the problem still exists. (If your phones are not modular, use another phone to see if the problem still exists.) If it does not, the problem is probably with the first phone.

A service charge call will apply if we make a repair service visit because of reported trouble, and we determine that the problem is caused by the telephone equipment in your home or business and not by our facilities. We will not repair the trouble; however, a service charge will still apply for the visit unless the customer is a subscriber to the Trouble Diagnosis plan.

The company will continue to repair and maintain leased equipment at no charge if it is brought to our office.

A service charge will apply if we make a repair service visit because of reported trouble, and we determine that the problem is caused by inside wiring not covered by an inside wiring contract. At your election, inside wiring will be repaired on a labor plus materials basis. Inside wiring maintenance contracts are available.

Trouble Diagnosis Plan

To diagnose trouble on the customer premises, the company offers this plan to avoid having to bill the customer for a service call if the problem is customer owned equipment or inside wiring not covered by an inside wiring maintenance service agreement.

Identification Cards

For your protection, every Public Service Telephone Co. employee is required to carry an identification card with that employee's name and photograph. If you have any doubt that the person contacting you is an employee of Public Service Telephone Co., ask to see that person's identification card.

For your Safety

The telephone is one of the safest appliances in your home or office, but there are a few situations where a telephone user should be cautious.

Do not use the telephone while you are in the bathtub, shower or swimming pool. Putting the telephone in water could cause a shock.
Avoid using the telephone during electrical storms in your immediate area. Urgent calls should be brief. Public Service Telephone Co. uses protective measures to limit electrical surges from entering your home, but absolute protection from lightning is impossible.
If you suspect a gas leak, report it immediately, but use a telephone away from the area in question. The telephone's electrical contacts could create a tiny spark when you dial. While unlikely, it is possible that this spark could ignite concentrations of gas.