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10 Cents Long Distance!

It is the intent of Public Service to offer better services, better rates, and the dependability you expect. With Global Stream Long Distance, Public Service can offer you low rates on nationwide calling, personal 800 numbers, calling cards, and consumer protection products.

Choose from one of many Global Stream Long Distance services available:

1+ Nationwide Service

10¢ Per Minute State-to-State Calling – anywhere in the United States!

Global Stream offers you 10¢ per Minute State-to-State calling anywhere in the 48 Continental United States! (Hawaii and Alaska excluded) All intra-state calls only 17¢ per minute. There are no other additional monthly charges. And no monthly fee!

A one-time carrier change fee will apply as indicated under Long Distance Carrier Changes.

Long distance calls on this plan includes calls within the 48 continental United States comprising of the 48 contiguous states located on the central part of the North American continent, and does not include Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Guam, or any other territory not in the 48 contiguous United States.  This may not be a complete list. International calls billed separately.

Personal 800 Service

Global Stream offers personal 800 numbers to residents and businesses so you can receive calls from anyplace, anytime. Great for friends and family members away from home! All calls are at one low rate of 10¢ per minute. PIN numbers are also available at 15¢ per minute.

Calls are routed to a specified phone line (such as your home or office), making this a great tool for small businesses as well.

800 Calls without a PIN #:  10¢ per minute
800 Calls with a PIN #: 15¢ per minute
Monthly Fee: $2.95
One Time Installation Fee: $25.00
Payphone Surcharge 47¢ per call

800 number calls can only be made from anywhere within the United States and Canada.

Long Distance PIC Freeze

A free option that prevents your long distance carrier choice from being changed without your consent. You would be required to either call our business office or make the request on-line. There is no charge for this long distance protection service.

Long distance offers available only to Public Service Telephone customers. Long distance services are offered by Public Service Data, doing business as Global Stream Long Distance. Public Service Data and Public Service Telephone are both subsidiaries of the parent company Public Service Communications.

Call today and switch your long distance service to your locally-owned long distance company.