Public Service Telephone Company

How to Establish Service

Information in this section pertains to deposit or credit policies, types of local exchange services and service connection charges that apply to Resident or Business Service.

Call Your Business Office
If you prefer to call the telephone company rather than come by, we can help with orders for service and equipment, billing matters, rates and inquiries or complaints.

Credit Information is Important
In addition to your name and address, the telephone company will need to know if and when you have had telephone service. You will also be asked for a number where you can be reached, such as your telephone number at work, or the number of a close friend or relative who could get the message to you. If you have not had telephone service with Public Service previously, or if the telephone company cannot verify your service, a series of credit questions will be asked, such as, "Where are you employed?"

A Deposit May Be Required
A deposit will be required if you have had an unsatisfactory payment record with any telephone company, or if you have not supplied adequate credit information. If your service is disconnected due to a late payment, and there is no deposit or an insufficient deposit, a new or additional deposit may be required to continue service.

Deposits Interest
A deposit with 7 percent simple interest or whatever interest rate is approved by the Georgia Public Service Commission per year, is refunded within one year if your bills are paid by the date listed on each bill. The deposit is held as security if credit has not yet been established. If telephone service is disconnected, the deposit, with interest, is applied to your final bill.

Prompt Payment Means Good Credit
Your credit standing is determined by your promptness in payment of your telephone bill. Payments should be received at the telephone company by the payment date on your bill.

Service Applications, Changes and Discontinuances
Applications for new service, changes, additions to existing service, and a discontinuance of service should be handled with our business office. A telephone call will enable you, in almost every case, to transact business promptly with our office. Applications for new service require permission to come onto property to connect services.