Public Service Telephone Company

General Information

Telephone Number Etiquette
When your telephone number is preceded by your area code, it is the only one like it in the United States or Canada. When leaving your telephone number for someone else to call you, be sure to include the Area Code. Numbers are most easily understood if they are given as "area code 3-1-1(pause) 5-5-5-(pause) 3-6-2-1." When writing your telephone number, separate it like this: area code 311 555-3621. If you're in business, it's smart to make it easy for your customers to reach you. Why not include your telephone number on your stationery, statements, and all advertising pieces? Show your area code, too - it helps distant parties call you faster.

Advertising Telephone Numbers
The advantages of showing numbers on stationery, signs, cards, etc. are recognized, though the growth and arrangement of telephone facilities may require the changing of telephone numbers. For this reason, stationery, cards, signs etc., showing telephone numbers should not be printed in large quantities. The customer has no property right to the telephone number assigned. The telephone number remains the property of the Telephone Company, and we reserve the right to make such telephone number changes as are necessary in the conduct of business. Any telephone number used in advertising will make it necessary to classify the telephone involved as a business telephone.

When you hear a "beep" tone
A short "beep" tone heard on your telephone about every 156 seconds means that the person with whom you are talking to is recording your conversation. This signal is provided by the telephone company for your protection. Use of a recorder without recorder-connector equipment containing a tone-warning device is contrary to the company's tariffs and is not permitted. If you do not want a record of what you are saying, ask the person with whom you are talking to disconnect the recording machine. When it is disconnected you will no longer hear the "beep" tone.

"Certain subscribers are liscensed by the Georgia Public Service Commission to use service observing equipment. A list of these subscribers, within the area served by this directory can be obtained by our Business Office upon request without cost." A section symbol(§) in the margin in the phone book adjacent to said firm or company telephone number denotes the following: "This company or firm has been licensed by the Georgia Public Service Commission to use service observing equipment pursuant to Georgia code annotated Section 16-11-65." The toll free number for the Georgia Public Service Commission is 1-800-282-5813.

Out-of-Town Directories
Directories for other cities may be obtained by calling the business office.

Telephone Directories
Consult the current directory before placing a call and avoid the use of obsolete directories. Between directory issues certain numbers do not appear in the current directory due to changes and new installations. These numbers may be secured by calling "Information." The use, in connection with the Telephone Directories, of any auxillary covers, tabs, stickers, inserts or other matters, except such as are provided by, or with the consent of, the telephone Company is prohibited. No liability shall attach to or be assumed by the company for any errors or omissions in the compiling, printing or distribution of its directories. In order that the directory record may contain correct listings at all time, notifications of changes or errors should be given at once at the Business Office of the Company.