Public Service Telephone Company

Dailing International Calls

To dial most international calls

(Station-to-station calls)

To dial international calls, dial in sequence:

  1. The international Access Code - 011
  2. The Country Code - a two or three -digit number.
  3. The City Routing Code - a one to five-digit number.
  4. The local telephone number
  5. The "#" Button-where telephone is equipped with Touch-Calling

For Example:

To place a call to Frankfurt, Germany, to telephone number 123456, you would dial:

  1. International Access Code 011
  2. Country Code 49
  3. Routing Code 611
  4. Local number 123456
  5. # Button (if Touch-Calling - this saves additional time by using this step)

After dialing any international call, allow at least 45 seconds for the ring to start.

Operator-Assisted calls

To dial person-to-person, collect, credit card and billed to a third number international calls, follow the instructions given above but use "01" for the International Access Code. After the call is dialed, the Operator will come on the line and ask for information such as the name of the person you are calling or your credit card number.

Additional assistance or information

Dial "0" (Operator) if you need assistance.

  1. To obtain a telephone number you don't know.
  2. To obtain City Routing Codes.
  3. For help in completing a call.
  4. For credit on a call on which you had difficulty, e.g., reached a wrong number.

To place a call to the Bahamas, Bermuda, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.

Calls to these points can be dialed in the same manner as long distance calls within the United States. Simply dial "1" plus the appropriate Area Code and the local number.