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Centrex telephone service from Public Service delivers a variety of voice and data features without the need to invest in expensive on-premise switching equipment.  Centrex is a central office-based system that grows with you.  Centrex allows you to customize your telephone service to suit your unique business needs, so you pay only for the capacity and features you need.  With Centrex, you can have two lines or as many as you need, so you can expand to build a complex system with virtually unlimited capacity and multiple locations.

Many Business Owners Choose Centrex Because It's:

RELIABLE - The Centrex equipment resides at Public Service Telephone, so you'll get 24/7 maintenance coverage 365 days a year.  With your current on-site equipment, if your power goes out, so will your phone system... but not with Centrex.  Your system is safely located at the phone company switch.

AFFORDABLE - With Centrex, there's no costly equipment investment.  Centrex gives your business all the features of a complex on-premise system without the capital investment, maintenance costs or worries.  Public Service offers flexible pricing plans based on the number of lines and features needed.

FLEXIBLE - Purchase only what your business needs today; and as your business grows and your needs change, add options, lines and features.

Standard Features

  • Station-to-Station Dialing:  Allows you to call internally station-to-station, using abbreviated 4-digit dialing (xxxx)--even if the other station is in another location.
  • Call Transfer:  Transfers calls anywhere within your Centrex system.
  • Direct Inward Dialing and Direct outward Dialing:  Allows you to route calls directly to each extension or through an attendant.
  • Hunting:  Automatically sends an incoming call from a busy line to the next designated line.
  • Line Restriction:  Limits phone access on selected lines so that only authorized numbers or regions can be called.
  • Special Features:  Based on the Centrex package you select, many other features are available such as:  Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, Conference Calling, Voice Mail and more.

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Want to purchase your own equipment?  Complete key telephone systems are also available.
Public Service Telephone Centrex Services are only available in PSTC markets.