Public Service Telephone Company

Business Features and Rates

Access Line Charge

Customer Access Line Charge: The access line permanently connects your office with our local switching office.

Butler $25.50
Culloden $32.30
Geneva $37.60
Lizella $33.00
Reynolds $32.50
Roberta $33.00
Talbotton $45.60

The monthly interstate access charge  based on the total number of access lines utilized. $6.50 for one line and $9.20 for two or more. A small FCC Universal Service Fund fee, based on a percentage of the Access charges, is also included on the bill.

Custom Calling Features

Class Features

Call Forwarding
Call Waiting
Three-way Calling
Speed Calling (8 numbers/30 numbers)

Other Features

Phone Number Change
Non-published Number
Vacation Rates
Long Distance Block
900 Block
Collect Block
3rd Number Block
Maintenance on Jacks
Trouble Diagnosis Plan
Long Distance Carrier Changes
Telemarketer Call Screening

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Anonymous Call Rejection
Automatic Callback
Automatic Recall
Call Forwarding Busy
Call Forwarding No Answer
Call Name and Number Delivery
Call Name and Number Delivery w/Call Waiting
Call Number Delivery
Call Number Delivery w/Call Waiting
Call Number Delivery Blocking
Customer Originated Trace
Distinctive Ringing / Call Waiting
Long Distance Pin # Dialing
Selective Call Acceptance
Selective Call Forwarding
Selective Call Rejection
Voice Mail

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Ask your Customer Service Representative about discounts available for multiple custom calling features!