Public Service Telephone Company

Billing and Payment Information

Bills are rendered monthly on the first of each month for local service in advance for a one month period from the date of bill and long distance service for a one month period preceding the date of the bill. Bills may be paid by mail or in person on or before the 10th of the month.

Bills may be paid at the locations listed below. PSTC offices in Reynolds and Butler have Night Depositories available after hours. The address on the payment envelope may change from month to month. Please use the envelope furnished.

Public Service Telephone payment locations:

  • Reynolds:  11 West Marion Street (Next to Hometown Foods) / Full Hours / Night Depository
  • Butler:  Select Hours & Days with Night Depository
  • Talbotton:  Select Hours & Days with Night Depository

Other locations also accepting payments:

  • Roberta:  The Citizens State Bank of Crawford County

An explanation of charges

(Note: The one time charges to install or change your service may vary, depending on the type of work that is done.)

Service Order Charge
You are charged for the processing of your order when you install or make changes in telephone service.

Central Office Line Charge
This charge is for the work we do to connect your line to our switching office.

Premises Visit Charge
This is the charge you pay when an installer visits your home.

900 Calls

For billing disputes or inquires, Butler, Culloden, Lizella, Reynolds, and Roberta customers may call 847-4111. Lizella customers may also call 935-2611. Geneva and Talbotton customers should call 269-3611. You have 60 days from the date of the bill to dispute a billing error. You have the right to withhold payment of the disputed charges during the billing error review. No collection activity for disputed charges will occur while the charges are under investigation. After investigation, if it is determined that the disputed charges are legitimate, your long distance carrier or the information provider may proceed with outside collections against your account. Your local and long distance service cannot be disconnected for non-payment of 900 charges. Failure to pay legitimate 900 charges may result in involuntary blocking of your access to 900 services. Voluntary blocking of access to 900 services is available upon written request to Public Service Telephone Company.

Fraudulent Billing Can Lead To Prosecution

It is illegal for any person to charge any calls to another's telephone number or Calling Card without permission. Persons placing such calls to avoid payments are subject to prosecution, and if convicted, are subject to imprisonment and/or a fine.