Public Service Telephone Company

100th Anniversary

A great milestone is completed as Public Service Telephone Company celebrates its 100th Anniversary of proudly serving the telecommunications needs of rural Central Georgia. In 1910, H. C. (Hiram) Bond realized the potential of the telephone and established the existence of Reynolds Telephone Company. In doing so, his entrepreneurial vision launched a legacy of telecommunications services which continues today as Public Service Telephone Company (PSTC) and serves the needs of seven different exchanges. PSTC Office
It has survived the Great Depression, two world wars, and various recessions throughout its century of existence. Through it all, Public Service Telephone Company has continued to prosper through its commitment to its customers, its communities and its advancement of communication technologies.

Public Service Telephone is now in its 3rd generation of family ownership and is one of the oldest privately owned telecommunication companies in the United States. During this span of time, telephone technology and the processing of voice/analog/digital communication have gone through monumental changes. Today, Public Service Communications, the parent company of PSTC, has many subsidiaries covering a wide-array of services including voice, data, broadband and cable – deployed over copper, cable, fiber and wireless technologies. PSTC also offers competitively priced packages which bundle phone, cable and high speed internet services together at a monthly savings to the customer. From dial to push button, analog to digital and wired to wireless, Public Service Telephone has played a local, regional and national role in the advancement of the telecommunications industry for 100 years and will to continue far into the 21st century.

Our mission is to bring the latest technology to rural areas of Central Georgia, as was customary from our long standing heritage, while offering our customers affordable prices with exceptional customer service. Public Service Telephone Company will continue to be responsible members of the communities we serve and would like to thank each and every customer for buying ‘‘local”’ and supporting Public Service over the past 100 years.